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Victorian Government


Wireframing, user interface design, development

About This Project

We designed and built this comprehensive parenting app “Growing Together” for the Victorian Government, in partnership with the Royal Women’s Hospital and agency Paoli Smith. The app has been designed to improve parenting standards and alleviate stress for young parents so they don’t feel so isolated. By connecting with other parents, sharing stories and parenting tips, parents are able to realise that their experiences are perfectly normal. Medical professionals are also able to use the app as a best practice guide to counsel the parents they work with.


To produce the app we worked closely with the Royal Women’s Hospital and Paoli Smith to gather research and requirements to construct a user experience plan that would make the app intuitive and simple to use. It has been an exciting project for us to be involved in because of the great social benefits. “Growing Together” begins closed trial this February, with a public release date later in 2015.